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Jeffrey Shoaf,
Yoga Therapist, Bodyworker, & Breath Coach

Welcome to your therapeutic journey to wellness


 Yoga Retreat


Oct 2024

Cleaning Out Your Somatic Attic: Removing Obstacles to Presence, Pleasure & Peace 

Yoga with Props

We need to move to maintain our health, but sometimes we get stuck from

  • Too much computing or gaming

  • Driving or flying long distances

  • Repetitive movement at work or home

  • Over reaching; forgetting to stretch before workout

  • Couch Slouching  and everyday life.

Enter Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy encompasses all aspects of health and wellness, from the physiological to the psychological, and on to emotional well-being.


Whether it's improving daily mobility; addressing  one-time or chronic pain; changing how you feel in your body: therapeutic applications of yoga will help. It also complements, supports and enhances other health and movement practices . 


Meet Jeffrey

Hi, I'm Jeffrey Shoaf.  I am a certified Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT, Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider, YACEP, and Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, LMBT. Welcome to my website. 

My Specializations

I offer focused therapeutic massage, yoga instruction, private yoga, and yoga therapy for clients from all walks of life.

Yoga Therapeutics

Stress Management


Lung Health

Deep Tissue Massage 

Myofascial Release

What Clients Say

“Jeff is a master teacher of pranayama. 

He skillfully integrates medical sciences with ancient wisdom.  After practicing with Jeff, I always feel relaxed and at peace, yet energized at the same time.  His lessons were especially helpful during my own recovery from surgery.  I’m so grateful how Jeff has made pranayama easily accessible to my daily practices.”


- Anthony Cooley, MD, 500H RYT

Assistant Professor (Associate Professor effective 9/21)

Department of Pediatrics

Emory University School of Medicine 

Yoga Teacher 

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