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BodyWork Services

Massage Vs. Bodywork

What’s the difference? Massage is classically described as a series of refined techniques applied in various ways to promote the healing process. They can be pretty formulaic and patterned. Bodywork is an entirely different approach and used with the intention of a more holistic outcome.


Bodywork might include, rocking, pulling, traction-ing, breath coaching, in conjunction with any other type of body manipulation for the highest outcome of the client. My concise definition of bodywork would be this: manipulation of the body’s tissues/structures, performed by the therapist with the commitment by her or him, to not think, but tune in to the client, and co-create a healing experience.


Massage Therapies Offered


~Deep tissue massage

              ~Myofascial release

              ~European relaxation                               massage

              ~ Neuromuscular therapy                      (trigger point release)

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