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Yoga Therapeutics (Virtual)

Therapeutic Yoga is the practice of using key principles of yoga, including adaptations of postures, breathwork, meditation, contemplation, and more.


We adapt the poses to suit the needs of the students and use weekly themes, always with the intention of setting the stage for a therapeutic outcome for the group. For example, one class may focus on yoga for the upper back, neck, and shoulders, or for the lower body, even more specific themes like Yoga for Anxiety, Grief, or Better Breathing!


Physiologically, these movements can be thought of as rehabilitation, much like physical therapy, or working with emotions for helping the students achieve a healthier state of mind, especially when faced with life’s inevitable difficulties.

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Yin Yoga (Virtual)

Yin Yoga is a practice that targets healthy practices for the connective tissue system, including, bones, ligaments, tendons, and fascia.


Poses are typically held for longer periods of time, (sometimes 3-5 minutes per pose) and target mostly the areas between the rib, and knees, though other areas such as shoulders, hands, and feet can be included as well.


Most all of the postures and slower movements are done either seated, on hands and knees, or reclining on the front or back body.


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Your Investment

For both Yin and Therapeutic Yoga please note you may enroll in the package option:

What you pay: Only $25 per month

What you get: 8 classes a month

Accepted Payment Methods:


Venmo: jeffrey-shoaf-1


The Breathing Club
(**NEW** Virtual Offering)

An online/ongoing group devoted to providing therapeutic breath work

Your Investment:

What you pay: $25 per month

What you get: 4 classes a month


Opt-in for an Annual Membership
and make a one-time payment of $180.00 ($15.00 per month) 

Accepted Methods Of Payment:


Venmo: jeffrey-shoaf-1

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Men's Yoga (In Person)

This class incorporates all aspects of yoga, and yoga philosophy. I created this class to build a healthy community among men, apart from the traditional gathering places such as sports events or the bar scene.


I am looking for ways to facilitate open communication among men in the 21 st century, offering postures, breathing, and deep relaxation in a safe, environment. Suitable for all men, these classes will offer techniques for
strength, stability, relaxation, restoration, and communication.


 Ultimately, I intend this experience to help us all become better, kinder, more aware as we use masculine energy in positive ways!

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