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About Me

I grew up in North Carolina and moved away for 30 years and have traveled and lived all over the country, (Massachusetts, California, and Illinois). After much travel, I have returned to my roots and am now based out of Charlotte NC. In my free time, I enjoy cycling, hiking, music, travel, and being in nature. 


My latest passions are doing human cadaver dissection as a way to come to further understand the human form, our human condition, and help me see into the body of the person/persons I work with, whether on the massage table, in a yoga therapy session, or in group yoga classes. The skin that forms the framework, our outer appearance is a clever disguise indeed, as it covers numerous complex interconnected systems that communicate seamlessly in the miracle of life. I have learned more in the cadaver labs about bodies than any book, any class, any workshop could ever offer.

Education and Certifications:

C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist  (International Association of Yoga Therapists)

LMBT    (Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist  NC License # 14847)

E-RYT-500 ( Educator Certified Through Yoga Alliance at the 500hr. level)

NCBTMB (National Certification Board/Therapeutic Massage + Bodyworkers)

YACEP   ( Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider)

I received my National Certification for Therapeutic Massage and BodyWork in 2004, after completing a comprehensive 675-hour training at the North Carolina School of Natural Healing. 


The primary areas of focus in my massage training and work are deep tissue massage, trigger point, myofascial release,  and ayurvedic therapies. I am an avid student and certified teacher of hatha yoga. I became certified as a yoga instructor through YogaFit TM in 2006.

Additionally, I completed a 200-hour teacher certification through Pranakriya Yoga School of Healing Arts in 2009. In March of 2013, I completed my training with Pranakriya and received recognition at the 500 hour level through their school to apply for certification as a Yoga Therapist. ( see my video on the home page to learn more about what yoga therapy encompasses. 


Pranakriya translates as a movement born from the breath. I use breath awareness with clients, who often realize that stress is self-induced; coming from and intensified by improper or insufficient breathing patterns.

 The resultant release of soft tissue restrictions via full diaphragmatic breathing is essential to effective bodywork.  As an avid lifelong student I continue to keep current with the latest discoveries in bodywork, massage therapy, and yoga therapy, frequently attending workshops for advanced training to further enhance my skills as your therapist. Additionally, I am a member of and registered yoga teacher with, Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level.


I offer CEs for Yoga teachers and massage therapists. My latest interest involves extensive research in the myofascial system and spending time learning more about the body through human cadaver dissection at Experience Anatomy here in Charlotte. I implement Yoga Therapy as it applies to Yoga postures, holistic fitness, and advanced breathing techniques.

 I received my Certification as an internationally recognized yoga therapist, C- IAYT in December of 2016. 

Fog and Nature

My Philosophy

I have been active in the field of yoga and massage therapy for seventeen years.​ I offer focused therapeutic massage, yoga instruction, private yoga, and yoga therapy for clients from all walks of life.

The most important life lesson for me is to remember to stay in the moment. My work as a therapist and teacher is best when I can honor that ideal. When we remain present, we are focused. When we stay focused, we can fulfill our highest potential. 

I chose this field because I love helping people feel better.  I’ve always really LIVED in my body; through my careers as a contractor, massage therapist, and yoga instructor; and through sports and creative movement.


An active lifestyle and years of experience with massage and bodywork has led me to is this realization: The human form is designed to be in motion, but we often compromise that design by leading sedentary lives at desks, computers, or on the couch. We, therefore, live in our heads and have forgotten about our bodies.  Many of us treat our bodies like outdated automobiles, forgetting that we must care for them so that they-so that we-can perform at peak levels for optimal health, well-being and happiness!

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