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Bodywork Information & Pricing

Deep Tissue Massage

Used as a therapy to release adhesions in the deeper muscle layers. In my world, by using techniques to gradually move from more superficial to deeper layers of muscle and myofasciae, the premise here is that much of the discomfort or dysfunction that happens within our form is sourced from the deeper, soft tissue fibers.


My approach is to work slowly and methodologically to encourage more independence of tissues within the interdependence of tissues, as we come to understand that everything is connected, and the only things that separate varied tissues within the form, to quote Gil Hedley, "are a knife (scalpel) and words."

Back Massage

Myofascial Release

I find that when I am working with a client, they most often forget that the fascial system is the one that creates our shape, maintains that shape, and affects the health, posture, and wholeness of that shape. Myofascial release can be a myriad of techniques, to offer better hydration, movement, and joint stabilization tools for maintaining a higher functioning form.


The fascia can be as thin as plastic wrap for foods, or as thick and tough and strong as 4 layers of packaging tape, organized in a cross pattern (just imagine how strong that bond would be. ) With this release, we should be careful here with language. Sometimes, the release happens by using palpable manipulations to hydrate tissues, joints, and even bones for better gliding. However, sometimes, for optimal health, we actually ( as therapists) will use methods to knit structures more tightly together, as we learn that laxity is not always our friend. We NEED structural support to be more pain-free. (We couldn’t even stand without a healthy and strong I T Band!)


European Relaxation Massage

This method is one that I use intentionally because relaxation massage refers to perhaps a more spa, fell good experience that, other than the immediate moment of our awareness of how good it feels, we often discount the tremendous benefits in claiming the nervous systems don't change very quickly from an evolutionary perspective. We are still trying to figure out how to process so many stimuli from living in the 21st century.


Unfortunately, so many clients I know and work with don't believe a simple "spa massage" has value. I disagree! In fact, for all the years I've been receiving bodywork, and I have a body that's always been active, sometimes injured, definitely overused, relaxation techniques have offered some of the most profound healing my tissues will ever know. This can and does happen with the often experienced gentle touch.


This technique for therapeutic bodywork was one of the first ones I really got passionate about in massage training school nearly 20 years ago now. It involves precise, direct pressure to certain fibers, strands of stubborn, dense muscle, and myofascial tissue. We use time (anywhere from 8-15 seconds or longer) to actually press and squeeze the fluids out of tissue, and then upon the release, the theory maintains that we then invite new, fresh fluids and nutrients back into the muscle cell walls.


Think of flushing out/wringing out a
dirty sponge, and then holding the sponge under clean water, to fully rehydrate the material for better functioning. This can be an incredibly effective tool for working with chronic tense, dense, muscle fibers, when/where other techniques fail to perform.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Hand Massage

Your Investment
What you get:
30 minutes $65
60 minutes $11
90 minutes $140

Accepted Payment Methods:
Personal Check & Credit Card

Paypal: Venmo: jeffrey-shoaf-1

Massage Therapy Packages 

Package 1

What you pay: $290


What you get: Three 60-minute sessions

Package 2

What you pay: $485


What you get: Five 60-minute sessions

Package 3

What you pay: $380


What you get: Three 90-minute sessions

Package 4

What you pay: $650


What you get: Five 90-minute sessions

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