“Jeff is a master teacher of pranayama.  He skillfully integrates medical sciences with ancient wisdom.  After practicing with Jeff, I always feel relaxed and at peace, yet energized at the same time.  His lessons were especially helpful during my own recovery from surgery.  I’m so grateful how Jeff has made pranayama easily accessible to my daily practices.”


- Anthony Cooley, MD, 500H RYT

Assistant Professor (Associate Professor effective 9/21)

Department of Pediatrics

Emory University School of Medicine 

Yoga Teacher 

Stress Management

I started working with Jeffrey at the end of March —right after the pandemic started. Not only was I incredibly anxious, but I was also having significant pain in my head and neck. After about three months of taking Jeffrey‘s classes and some seminars with him at NODA yoga, my head and neck pain was resolved completely. It not only came from Jeffery’s neck and shoulder strengthening exercises and asanas, it also came from his suggestions that I need to be more mindful of how I position my body during the day. Jeffery’s instruction during his sessions provides not only how to do the asanas, but also why we are doing them. I am much more aware of my body- and the things I might be doing during my daily activities that affect how my body feels. I thought I was getting old, but I just needed to work with Jeffrey! After studying breath work with Jeffrey, I finally learned how to breathe through my asanas and to use breath for meditation. Through working with Jeffery for 9 months, I feel a level of calm that I’ve never experienced before in my life— even when I’m experiencing high stress situations.

Angela Mitchell, PhD

Director of First Year Writing | Lecturer

Department of Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Studies

UNC Charlotte

She, her, hers

Yoga Therapeutics

“Yoga Therapy with Jeffrey Shoaf has given me more freedom of body movement in places that have been stuck or stiff for years.   Jeffrey has a unique depth of knowledge in alignment, muscles, joints, connective tissue and bodywork.  In each session, Jeffrey guides me through specific positions combined with focused breathing to gently allow my body to open up and move more easily.”   Mary M.  Age 57